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FURA is a creation and visual communication studio.

We are Marc and Jennifer and we face each challenge with the support of a team of collaborators that can change according to each project.

At FURA we understand creativity and design as powerful tools of changing and we think that any project must be the result of extensive analysis and a detailed creative process.

Marc Ribera

Multidisciplinary designer with more than 10 years of experience, he believes in graphic design and visual communication as tools for social transformation.

Jennifer M. Espelt

Specialised in visual communication, she has been part of several projects related to culture and contemporary art as well as an artist, curator and co-producer as graphic designer and art director.

Currently she combines design with different artistic and cultural initiatives.

We can help you with

Visual identity

Art direction
Set design

Editorial design

Web design
Web development


Art installations
Artistic commissary