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Identity — Signage — Print — Website

Visual identity, signage, web and dissemination elements for

The “” is an analog photo booth placed inside a Volkswagen van from the 60s.

Photobooth Self-Portrait, Andy Warhol

Following a commission from Harper’s Bazaar , in 1963 Andy Warhol began using the photo booth; medium that dominates more and more his art until 1968.

Take Your Own Photos, Harold Feinstein

For Warhol, the photo booth represents a modern intersection of mass entertainment and private contemplation. In these small theaters with curtains, whoever sits can adopt a succession of different roles. These captures, in the form of a strip of four photographs, recall fragments of film footage.

Edie Sedgwick, photobooth style, Andy Warhol

Taking this cinematic idea of the photo booth, and taking into account the nomadic and festive nature of, a dynamic identity is created, inspired by the American aesthetics of the 60s; where black and white images contrast with saturated colors and the different fonts used.

As for the web design and the pieces of digital communication, it is bet to a dynamic and fun image following the style of the rest of the communication elements.