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Identity — Packaging — Printed — Website

Naming, visual identity, packaging, website and diffusion elements for Cuïa.

Cuïa is a small culinary project born in the hands of Alexandra, a passionate about cooking and nature who decides to shape and share their creations.

Her products, elaborated in an artisanal way, are cooked with quality ingredients that she often pick themself directly from the garden or the forest. At the same time, however, it also incorporates exotic ingredients that give them a contemporary dab.

Under the premise “no frills or pretensions” and with the intention of creating a clean, clear and fresh image, is committed to a minimalist graphic, where the use of color and infographics refer to the product, which is the main protagonist.

As for the packaging, it is bet, in contrast to the creation of narratives that mask the product , by a label that is almost non-existent, that has take into account the impact on the environment and on the consumer the product in a sincere way.