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Naming — Identity — Printed — Web

Naming, visual identity, web and dissemination elements for Còbuc.

Còbuc is an educational initiative that focuses on the integral formation of children.

Còbuc’s goal is to offer a space for growth and learning based on the educational practice of project work, free discovery and learning corners.

Thus, Còbuc is a common space, where to grow and learn together, without prejudice and where everyone has a place; For this reason, and underlining the importance of concepts such as diversity and inclusion, the entire identity revolves around the “identically different” concept.

To create the naming, take the prefix co- (“in common”) and join buc, a word that, in different meanings in Catalan, refers to the delimitation of a space.

The name that results is a new, short and memorable word that works as the project’s denominator and reflects its character.

To represent the concept “identically different” and creating a fresh, clean and fun image, the Còbuc accent is used as a graphic element. Thus, the open accent of typographies of very diverse styles is taken and one works by creating a dynamic identity and rich in forms.

As for the web design, a simple, clean and clear page is created, following the style of the rest of the communicative elements and taking the user experience into account.