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Carn magra


Art installation

Art installation made within the collective exhibition HIPER. Redefinint la Torre, organized by Carn magra in Torre del Amo of Viladomiu Nou.

The “Torre de l’Amo” (Owner’s Tower) is a building built at the beginning of the 20th century. Manor house of the Viladomiu family, the owners of the colony, was used only in the visits of the family to control the operation of the same. He also intended to be an emblem and the symbol of the economic and social power of the owners.

With the intention of making a criticism of the figure of the “Amo” (Owner) as “someone who has someone under his control”, the installation recreates a feeling of anguish and oppression caused by 70m of polypropylene serigraphed with the word AMO that fills the space of one of the rooms of the Tower.